a poem about reality

I will tell you this for nothing:
The infomercials and slick one-page ads
Are all true.

You can lose those forty pounds.
You can tone up those abs.
You can have a dazzling smile
While dressed in the latest designs.

But of course you won’t,
Even if you try,

’cause it ain’t all on your head . . .

Photo by TPD Productions on Unsplash

A lovely Saturday morning. I had things to do, time to do them, and nothing of any urgency. That’s one of the many perks of retirement — no need to rush.

It was a holiday weekend and I wanted to prepare myself for the racket I knew was coming in…

it’s time we had one again

President Biden

This morning I watched the “dignified transfer” of remains from the latest attack in Afghanistan. Biden, his wife, and a dozen or so military folks were standing at attention as each basket was carried by six soldiers into the waiting hearses.

It made me remember how Bush refused to have…

metrics, stats, SEOs, monetization, and marketing, oh my!

Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

Back in the Olden Days circa 1970s, a person simply sat down at the typewriter or used pencil and paper and wrote whatever was on their mind. Sure, it could be aggravating to retype when it came time for rewriting to improve…

Marguerite Floyd

writer, editor, poet, parrot person, and author of four books

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